(CYN) Cardboard Dreams

CARLA IS ONE OF MILLIONS OF YOUNG LATINAS who form the permanent U.S. subculture of the children of undocumented workers. Growing up in the U.S.—“the other side” in the common parlance of Mexico—she is “neither from here nor there,” her life enmeshed in an uneasy truce between mutually dependent peoples.

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The Boys of Ghost Town

Danny Ortega is imprisoned for a crime of justice at a very young age. After 17 years in prison, he returns to his town of Houston to find that crime and drugs have overturned what he once called home. When he attempts to rebuild his life, the lust for power overtakes him and launches him into the world that he always dreaded.

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Double Dagger

Alvaro Estevez is the proud owner of what used to be the most prominent Jewelry Store in downtown Los Angeles. Though Alvaro’s business was considerably profitable just a few years ago, the competition is threatening to put him out of business. Desperate and about to face financial ruin, Alvaro conceives of a plan that will save his business.

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7 Kilos

When a woman who survived a vicious gang attack suddenly finds herself the proud owner of $2.5 million in dirty money she makes a run for the border in this thriller starring Brenda Estella Rojas and Brent Bratton. Camilla is lucky to be alive. A street smart girl who somehow managed to survive a harrowing gang hit Camilla soon discovers a tidy sum of cash from a drug deal gone wrong. 

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Clemente, an immigrant from Mexico, lives with his wife Lorena and daughter Dalia in San Antonio, Texas where he works as a mechanic, and as a luchador on the weekends. Lorena, an American from a Mexican family understands the complexities of her husband's legal status and tries to assist him in getting his green card.

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La Tragedia de Macario

When his native town of Sabinas Hidalgo can no longer provide more than nightly beans and tortillas, Mexican peasant worker Macario finds himself uncontrollably drawn to thoughts of crossing the border to provide a better life for his family. His struggle worsens by the loss of his job as a ranch hand and he can no longer wait. Macario and his best friend set out on the dangerous journey north, guided by faith, determination and a watchful holy eye. The story was inspired by true events.

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